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Cleaning Tips

24th November 2014

This morning on the show we had some random cleaning tips from Gayle's Mum and listeners, hope you find these helpful...

  • Clean your toilet with Coca Cola
  • To dust under the fridge, put a sock on a flyswatter, it gets under there a treat.
  • Bread is good for cleaning the floor if you’ve broken some glass – it gets all the really tiny bits up.
  • Coffee filters clean windows.
  • Newspapers clean windows too!
  • And if you want to keep your leaves clean on your houseplants, a little mayonnaise on a paper towel, will give them a lovely gloss. 


Show & Tell

This week the kids at Poppleton Ousebank are the stars of Show & Tell and this morning you had to work out what lovely Ava was describing???

You can play along on air at 7.45am in the morning.


Number Plate Game

This morning we bribed you with 10 bonus points on the Number Plate Game if you followed us on twitter, 6 of you took the bribe to follow @gayleoninterweb and @MrBenFry.

Plus no rules changes today!!!!!


Unique Talent Day

Today is Unique Talent Day and Gayle showed us how she can make her tongue look like a bottom...


Rubbish ET

On today's Scene Stealer Gayle did a rubbish ET...


Lofty In The Loft

Plus have you seen our new You Tube sensation Lofty In The Lofty where we rummage looking for hidden traseures in people's lofts and started at Minster Towers...

We're back in the morning at 6.30am

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