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World Book Day

2nd March 2017

Posted by Ben at 12:58pm

Ellie B's daily blog bit

28th February 2017

The show started with a bold statement from Ellie that pancake day is better than your birthday. Her reasons being that as you get older the presents dry up, you start dreading getting older, whereas with pancake day the older you get the better. Ellie used to be limited to three pancakes when she lived at home and now she's independent she can have allll the pancakes.

It's world book day on Thursday and we were struggling for ideas. Ben suggested that Ellie go for Victoria Beckham since she released an autobiography called 'Learn to fly' or maybe Bridget Jones as she has lots of frumpy clothes… Ellie said she couldn't compromise her integrity as an English Lit student and would come as something like the Hungry Caterpillar, since it's the foundation of literature.

GAME WHEEL at 7.30am
This week on the Game Wheel you can win tickets to see Rule the World, a Take That tribute, at York Barbican on Saturday April 29th.

Today it was Life in Lyrics: These days everything changes, but pray tomorrow is the greatest day. The answer was Take That and Cath was our winner.

We started our new competition to win 2 tickets to the Vue every morning at 6.20 am… Screen Stars. Today, 'He's no monster Gaston, you are!'. The answer was Beauty and the Beast.

We started our new game Panic to win £25 if you can name 5 things related to the ‘Panic List’ from your chosen subject. If you panic, you will receive a panic button!

Rita gave it her best shot naming five members of the Kardashian family but didn't quite make it. Then burned Ellie by saying she doesn't have time to watch that rubbish, even though she loves MIC and has a dog named after her… pot kettle black Rita!!

Tomorrow we will discuss how we got on with our Dirty Hero Obstacle Challenge… hint, we're going to need some help!

Posted by Ben at 2:21pm

Ellie the beer monster!

23rd February 2017

Ellie has been helping York Brewery with their new Spanish beer and providing her translation skills...

Posted by Ben at 2:03pm

Our Lady Queen of Martyrs Stack Attack Challenge

23rd February 2017

Mr Mulkeen put in the best performance by a teacher so far on Stack Attack...

Posted by Ben at 2:01pm

St Lawrence's Primary Stack Attack Challenge

23rd February 2017

Miss Bartliff from St Lawrence's Primary was another brave contestant on our Stack Attack Challenge...

Posted by Ben at 1:59pm

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