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Which is the best Motorway Services?

30th March 2017

We started the show accidentally discussing out favourite service stations. Ellie's is Woodhall simply because it has a Starbucks and is on the M1 on her way home. The overall winner seemed to be Leicester Forest services and Ben thinks it's worth Ellie driving past her house in Nottingham to have a stop off and drive back. J21 on the M1 if you fancy a gander.

We had drama at the gym yesterday when Ben and Ellie went training for Dirty Hero. The first issue was Ellie only had swimming kit but they decided they couldn't go swimming together because it would be too weird. Then they both wanted to go to the steam room afterwards but didn't want to bump into each other. Ellie went in and because she couldn't see anything, she spotted a space right next to the door so just sat down. Unfortunately the only other person in the steam room was lying down next to her with their face very close to Ellie's derriere. Ellie couldn't move and couldn't look round but then had a horrible feeling it was Ben so was trying to listen to their breathing to see if she could recognise it. Thankfully it wasn't Ben.

Ellie had jean drama this morning when she has put on jeans that don't feel right. When she got to work and they were falling down she thought she would check and they're not hers… they were in her wardrobe so who knows where they have come from. Ben reckons she's taken them from York Sport by accident… If you are missing a pair of jeans give us a call.

GAME WHEEL at 7.30am
This week on the Game Wheel you can win tickets to see Rock of Ages at the Grand Opera House on Tuesday 18th or Wednesday 19th April.

Today it was Bandety Blank: REO Blank. The band was REO Speedwagon and Trisha was our winner.

You can win 2 tickets to the Vue every morning at 6.20 am with Screen Stars. Today, 'go go gadget legs!' from Inspector gadget, who Ellie called Mr Gadget and caused all sorts of problems. Luke was our winner.

Play Panic to win £25 if you can name 5 things related to the ‘Panic List’ from your chosen subject at 8.15am. If you panic, you will receive a panic button!

Today Vanessa tried to name five Celebrity Big Brother contestants. It was a bit controversial as she didn't give last names so we had to disqualify some of her answers and she only managed two.

Tomorrow it's Lie Detector Friday and it's Ben's turn to be put to the test. If you have any questions let us know!

Posted by Ben at 12:14pm

How long will Ellie take to escape a foam pit?

24th March 2017

Posted by Ben at 2:32pm

Meet our Dirty Hero team

24th March 2017

Posted by Ben at 2:31pm

Test The Teacher week 4 at Poppleton Road with Work With Schools

23rd March 2017

Posted by Ben at 10:46am

Red Nose Day Schools Event at York Barbican

23rd March 2017

Dabbing, dancing and Ellie's bad acting in front of 1,500 kids at York Barbican for Red Nose Day...

Posted by Ben at 10:28am

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