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December 2014

Gayle dances and hula hoops

30th December 2014

This morning we had our New Years Eve Eve Party and played our fave party tunes and Gayle dressed up in her Star Trek command gold jacket!

To liven up the party Ben made her danced to Whigfield and to be fair she was pretty good...

We also played some party games and Gayle brought in a hula hoop but sadly left it on a radiator this morning and it melted! She still managed to hula hoop to La Bamba though and was very impressive with some super hip movement...

We are off till the New Year (please don't cheer) but will be back on Monday at 6.30am with the New Year resolution of being more entertaining than 2014...

Posted by Ben at 9:40am

Christmas miracle

29th December 2014

On Christmas Day Ben's little boy took his first steps and hasn't done it since, it was a special moment but check out the video with his Mum in the background more interested in wine and chocolate...

Bailey's anyone

Gayle bought her Mum a bottle of chocolate Bailey's for Xmas but she tried to make it last a bit longer...


Who ate all the turkey?

Gayle is really upset that she has managed to put on 5lb in 4 days...

Have you over indulged this festive season????

We are back on from 6.30am with our New Years Eve Eve Party.

Posted by Ben at 9:58am

Chicken Charades

24th December 2014

This morning we exchanged Christmas gifts and Ben bought Gayle a Gok Wan book and a hand weight to help her with her guns!


Gayle bought Ben a really cool Star Wars key cover and a brilliant game called Chicken Charades where you have to mime something using a chicken in 10 seconds, what is Ben doing with the chicken between his legs...

We are thinking of making Chicken Charades a weekly feature for 2015!



Today is a panic shopping day and apparently men will be rushing out to buy lingerie, Ben wouldn't know where to start and Gayle has never received pants or a bra from her husband...


Space Station

Tonight the International Space Station will be flying over at 5.20pm or is it actually Santa, Gayle gave us all the details this morning...

We are back on air on Monday 29th with a music showdown with Gayle v Ben from 6.30am.

Merry Xmas!

Posted by Ben at 9:54am

Gayle sings Frozen and does a roly poly

23rd December 2014

This morning Ben made Gayle sing Frozen and do a roly poly to try and build on the success of yesterday's splits video which had nearly 6,000 views on Facebook...

Fair play to Gayle for being such a good sport but she is not happy that it will be on You Tube forever!


Smut on the Scene Stealer

This morning on the Scene Stealer Gayle was peddling smut and Ben felt it was a step too far when the missing blank was the word KNOB!!!




Today is Nationa Roots Day to remember your ancestors and this morning Ben made an outrageous claim about the Bahamas...

Tomorrow morning we exchange Christmas gifts and there are more Vue cinema tickets to be won.


Posted by Ben at 10:07am

Gayle does the splits

22nd December 2014

This morning Ben made Gayle do the splits to recreate the magic moment from the work Xmas do on Friday when she jumped in to the splits during a festive dance off...


Gayle's sulking face

This morning Gayle was pulling a sulky face beacause she is at work and wants to be at home getting ready for Xmas...

Gayle sulking

We are back tomorrow morning from 6.30am with more cinema tickets to be won and Gayle's Mum on Show & Tell #TeamGB.


Posted by Ben at 9:50am

Mince Pie tips from Gayle

19th December 2014

As we become Mince Pie FM, Gayle has been giving out some Mince Pie advice...


Local Hero Awards

This morning we heard from Minster Windows about why they are sponsoring our Local Heroes Awards...

local heroes


Ben is contacting HR

This morning Ben was offended and is writing a strongly worded email to HR after he was compared to an elf...

We are back on Monday morning with more festive Cracker Tracks and cinema tickets to be won.

Posted by Ben at 9:55am

Toy appeal wrappers

18th December 2014

This morning on the show we heard from the Toy Appeal wrappers after they finished the last toy and then dropped a bombshell...


Ben nearly runined Xmas!


Gayle's Mum is a thief

This morning Ben accidentaly accused Gayle's Mum of being a thief and owes Sue Lofthouse a sincere apology...


Batman Lego Duplo

Tomorrow morning on the show we are giving away some Batman and Superman Lego Duplo from the DC Comics Super Heroes range, it looks amazing and we will deliver it to you before Xmas...


Posted by Ben at 10:14am

Celeb on Top Story Or Jackanory

17th December 2014

This morning we were live at York Racecourse as our new DAB transmitters were switched on in a posh ceremony which means you can now hear Minster FM on DAB across North Yorkshire.

It was a star studded do and we even had Christine Talbot off of Calendar to play Top Story Or Jackanory...


christine talbot

You can now tune your DAB radio to pick up More Minster and listen to us every morning.


Sharon Kittens

This morning Ben got confused during the Scene Stealer and called a listener Sharon Kittens much to Gayle's amusement...

We are back on air feeling festive from 6.30am.



Posted by Ben at 10:46am

Gayle gives kissing advice

16th December 2014

This morning we were talking about the years most popular google searches which include 'How to kiss', Ben adnmitted needing a few tips after complaints from his wife and Gayle said he was making a mess of the pre-kiss...


Toy Appeal

Yesterday Ben went to Monk Fryston school yesterday to collect more Toy Appeal gifts and the Minster FM office is now overrun and Gayle has her eye on one of the presents but we will make sure it goes to a good home...



Festive gift

Yesterday Gayle gave Ben a festive gift for his little boy Nicholas and he loved it and to try and boost our popularity we thought we would put a cute baby video on the blog...

We are back on air in the morning from 6.30am with more cinema tickets to give away and a special switch on.

Posted by Ben at 10:47am

Ben is a hero

15th December 2014

This morning on the show Ben revealed that he saved his family from disaster after his advent calendar nearly set on fire after falling on the cooker whilst an egg was boiling, Gayle was not convinced it was quite as herioc as all that...


Present for Nicholas

This morning Gayle very kindly bought Ben's little boy a gift from Hamley's (apparently there was an offer on), the festive Gingerbread Man will cause much amusement in the Fry household and Ben tried out the toy in the studio whilst the show was on...


Fairytale Of New York

Gayle was singing along to The Pogues this morning and much to Ben's disappointment she is the only person who knows the words...


Gayle's late night antics

On Friday night Gayle was a dirty stop out and in the pub until 2am and then tried to do a good deed for two young men...

We are back tomorrow morning at 6.30am with more cinema tickets to be won at Vue York.


Posted by Ben at 9:44am

Gayle doesn't understand petrol prices

12th December 2014

This morning Ben was excited about falling petrol prices but Gayle revealed she doesn't undertand them...


Xmas Jumpers

Gayle wore a festive jumper to join in but Ben thinks she was cheating as it was a gilet that she couldn't take off...




This morning we talked about Xmas dinners and what is the best bit...

We are back on Monday morning at 6.30am with more cinema tickets to be won.

Posted by Ben at 9:45am

Green Peace Gayle

11th December 2014

This morning on the show we shared a video of a new Xmas present wrapping techique from Japan and Gayle felt it was wasting paper and bad for the environment...


Check out the wrapping...



Iconic Toys

This morning we were talking about iconic toys and Etch-A-Sketch is top of the list much to Ben's disappointment. Gayle loved her A La Carte kitchen and Ben still has his Millenium Falcon...

Proof that Ben is a super geek before the wife moved all his toys in to the garage...

star wars


Toy appeal collections

Ben is out collecting toys again today and is keen not to cry but doesn't understand make up...

We are back tomorrow morning at 6.30am with a festive Friday show.

Posted by Ben at 10:38am

Ben cries a lot

10th December 2014

This morning we were talking about the Toy Appeal and Ben was welling up about delivering gifts to SNAPPY in York ahead of their Christmas Party on Saturday, Gayle thinks Ben is a big softie...

Sure the kids at SNAPPY will have a great party with all these gifts...


Also this morning we heard from Miss Birse and the kids from Poppleton Ousebank who had donated more than 100 toys to the appeal...


Astro Terry

Gayle has been tweeting an astronaut on the International Space Station and is hoping to get a response, you will be able to see the Space Station pass over on Christmas Eve which will be amazing...

We are back on at 6.30am with Denise Van Outen talking about shaving her legs.

Posted by Ben at 11:34am

Ben has a night off

9th December 2014

So Ben has nothing to do tonight as his wife is going out and the baby is with Grandma, complete loose end but Gayle thought it is a trap and that he should be doing jobs round the house...



Toy appeal

This lovely guys at Corky's Toy Shop in York sent us a bagful of toys for the Toy Appeal today...


We then went to Poppleton Ousebank to see Miss Birse and collected a whole car full of gifts, it was an amzing effort by all the kids and parents...


Hear from Poppleton Ousebank tomorrow morning on the show.

Kids will kill you!

This morning we talked about the fact that kids cause more than 22 injuries per year to their parents and Gayle and Ben shared their painful experiences...

We are back at 6.30am with more cinema tickets up for grabs and a chance to win a frisbee on Show & Tell plus will Gayle let Ben play his new game 'Top Story Or Jackanory' again???



Posted by Ben at 12:15pm

Kids ruining the Xmas Treee

8th December 2014

This morning on the show Gayle and Ben turned Scrooge as they complained that their kids have ruined their Xmas trees...

Judge for yourself, Ben is not happy with the size of the bauble that his 11 month old made with a lot of help from Grandma...

Xmas tree

Gayle is desperate to untangle the beads at the bottom of her tree but 4 year old Neve has banned her from touching...

xmas tree

Dare you dump the kids decorations???

Party antics

This weekend Gayle and Ben were both out and enjoying some early festive fun with the evenings ending in injury and TV shopping...

We are back on air with more cinema tickets from 6.30am.


Posted by Ben at 10:41am

North Yorkshire Bond

5th December 2014

This morning Ben was so excited about the new Bond film Spectre that he was trying to come up with North Yorkshire Bond film titles such as 'From Rufforth With Love'...


Review of Neve's big day from her Mum

Yesteerday Gayle broadcast from home so she could go and watch her daughter Neve as the Woops A Dasiy Angel in her school play, Gayle was very proud but did have some constructive criticism for her 4 year old daughter...


Toy appeal wrapping

The presents are pouring in for this years Toy Appeal with McDonalds in York and Selby and the wrapping is now underway at Minster Towers and Julie and Sophie Atkinson have come in to help with Gayle and Ben on tea and coffee duty...

toy appeal


Gangnam record

The video for song Gangnam Style has been viewed more than 2.15 billion times which is a new You Tube record and they have had to improve their technology to keep count, Gayle and Ben belly dancing has been viewed 3 times so probably won't crash You Tube...

We're back on air Monday at 6.30am but if you are missing us we will be at Sherriff Hutton Xmas Fayre at 12pm on Saturday!

Posted by Ben at 10:31am

Neve takes to the stage

4th December 2014

This morning on the show Gayle was at home helping Neve get ready for her starring performance in the Whoops A Daisy Angel. As she was heading off for school we tried to bribe her to give us a line from the play...


Festive Dilemma

Aldo this morning we had a letter about Xmas and whether it is OK to give away unwanted gifts as presents, Ben revealed his wife does this all the time with toiletries and most people agreed it was acceptable behaviour...


Belly Dancing

Last night at Pockilngton Christmas Market we saw some fabulous belly dancers who entertained the crowds and the taught us a couple of moves and for some reason we agreed for the end result to be filmed, would you hire us to shake and shimmy...

We are back on air in the morning looking ahead to Shop Local Saturday and hearing from Tony about his house lights on Hamilton Road in York that we will be switching on! See you at 6.30am.

Posted by Ben at 10:22am

Gayle gets deep and meaningful

3rd December 2014

This morning for 5 minutes we stopped clowning around and appreciated the Universe we all live in and then went back to playing the fool...



Secret Santa

Also this morning we accepted a Secret Santa Challenge and Gayle wants cash as a pressie...



Scene Stealer

Another Scene Stealer descended in to chaos as once again Gayle managed to channel Forest Gump when she was trying to do Elf...

  Another chance to win tickets to Vue in York tomorrow morning and you can check out film times at www.myvue.com. Also this Sunday at Vue York you could enjoy a live Panto screening featuring Ashley and Pudsey from Britain's Got Talent plus don't miss an exclusive Vue screening of Kajaki:The True Story, a film you wont see anywhere else http://www.myvue.com/latest-movies/info/cinema/york/film/kajaki-the-true-story.


Toy Appeal

We had a surpeise visitor today with Joseph from Glews Garage in Goole who brought us a sackful of gifts for the Toy Appeal. Don't forget if you want to donate a gift you don't need to wrap it.


We're back in the morning at 6.30am with a festive dilemma to solve and Ben's million pound business idea!

Posted by Ben at 10:04am

Gayle and Ben go skating

2nd December 2014

Yesterday we went to www.yorkshireswinterwonderland.com at York Designer Outlet and had skating lessons to see if we could be good enough to do the Flying Lotus move from Blades Of Glory. Turned out Ben was a natural and Gayle took ages to put her skates on...

Hayden from the Ice Factor was very patient with us and a great teacher and managed to get us moving across the ice...


 He then reviewed our performance...


By this stage Gayle was feeling more confident and whilst she wouldn't try the Flying Lotus she did want to try a Bolero style ice dance, shock horror it was rubbish...

We didn't fall over that much but Ben still managed to have a wet patch...

Bens bun

We did manage a nice photo by a tree...



Gayle is very posh

This morning on the show it turned out that Gayle is secretly posh, who knew...

We are back on air in the morning at 6.30am.

Posted by Ben at 10:59am

Ho Ho Ho & Rachel Riley

1st December 2014

This morning we got festive and played our first Xmas song of 2014 which was Shakin Stevens!

Plus Ben brought in audio of him trying to get his 11 month old baby to say Ho, Ho, Ho for an audio Christmas card, it was not a triumph...


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Ben was sulking about Black Friday but Gayle cheered him up with a great gag...

Plus at the weekend Gayle caused shopping carnage by returning items whist everyone else wanted a bargain...


Rachel Riley

Countdown star Rachel Riley was on the show and Ben tried not to be creepy and Rachel seemed to quire like him and is even following on twitter so he is keen to lose her as a follower as it would break his heart...


Ice Factor

After the show Gayle and Ben went for an ice skating lesson at Yorkshire's Winter Wonderland, hear how they got on in the morning from 6.30am

Ice Factor


Posted by Ben at 1:03pm


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