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David Green
Monday to Friday, 10am–2pm

David, or 'DG', hosts our weekday mid-morning show. You can call him by his full name or choose just to use his initials, it really doesn't matter!

DG started his radio career at Minster FM when he arrived on work experience and never left. You can imagine what joy he was filled with when he first walked into Minster Towers; not only was he going to get to play with lots of high tech equipment - like the kettle, in those days a day trip from Selby to York was something many boys his age could only dream of!


On the show...

Each morning DG fills you in on what's going on both around the world, and here in North Yorkshire - but sometimes he likes to get a bit nosey and find out what things you've been up to. Things DG's always interested in include the following topics...

  • Strange things that have happened at work
  • Odd things you've found in your home or garden
  • Your crazy record attempts
  • Things your children have said that they really shouldn't have or that you wish they hadn't!
  • Embarrassing public moments"I complained and I got..."
  • Things you're doing to raise money for charity
  • Things you think are true but aren't quite sure about
  • Stuff you've been told but that you don't believe
  • Accidents that you can look back at and laugh at
  • And other such pet hates like the Hopgrove Roundabout improvement scheme... 'cos that worked out well. Erm...



David Green in front of a train

Our very own 'wizard' of the airwaves. 

David Green at the Olympic Torch RelayDavid reporting on the Olympic torch procession through North Yorkshire.

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