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Join Ben Fry and Ellie Brennan every weekday morning from 6am for North Yorkshire’s brightest and freshest way to wake up. Every morning Ben and Ellie bring you great songs, plenty of fun, chances to win, and all the latest news, travel and weather to start your day.


Breakfast Show Blog

Ellie is the girl on the train

Ellie was furious at the weekend because the blatant disregard for train etiquette when she was coming back from Edinburgh. She had to move to let another lady in to the seat next to her and they had a quick chat. Ellie then said 'sorry I'm going to have to be boring and sleep because I've only had a few hours' sleep'. Ellie shut her eyes and then ten seconds later the lady asked her another question… she opened her eyes slowly to emphasise she was sleeping and then shut her eyes again. Ten seconds later the lady asked another question… ELLIE IS SLEEPING PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE!

Ellie then revealed she likes to use the train as a setting for an imaginary movie. She stares out the window puts on some emotional music and just imagines an award-winning monologue. Turns out she's not the only one as Karen rang up and says she does the same thing, and imagines she's in music videos. Specifically Will Young's music videos, which we all thought was a bit strange.

Ben is having a parenting dilemma. They have reintroduced the naughty step but Nick has turned it around on them after they found him having a nap on the naughty step. Nick now goes to the naughty step when Ben and Jess annoy him, thus giving him all the power. He won't leave the naughty step until they give him what he wants. Evil genius.

GAME WHEEL at 7.30am
This week on the Game Wheel you can win a trip to Selby Superbowl for a game of tenpin bowling for a family of four.

Today it was Fake News. Which of these two stories are fake? 1. a family took their dog in for plastic surgery so it looked more like the dog from The Mask. 2. Liam and Cheryl are planning to call their baby Jim if it's a boy because Liam's favourite movie is The Mask. Story two is fake and Samantha was our winner.

We started our new competition to win 2 tickets to the Vue every morning at 6.20 am… Screen Stars. Today, 'Eat my shorts!'. The Simpsons was the answer and Hannah was our winner.

We started our new game Panic to win £25 if you can name 5 things related to the ‘Panic List’ from your chosen subject. If you panic, you will receive a panic button!

Today Rachel gave it a good go but couldn't name five Michael Jackson UK number 1s.

Posted by Ben, on 20th February 2017, in Breakfast Blog.