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Chippy Challenge and Number Plate Game

14th November 2014

Chippy Challenge

This morning on the show we chatted to Minster FM's Paul Spence about his charity challenge this Sunday and started by asking why everyone calls him Chippy?



Number Plate Game Returns

Gayle let us have another go at the Number Plate Game and Steve in Pickering scored a new record score of 441 with a plate which feature X977, remember the X makes the maths harder but the score higher!

#NumberPlateGame will be back on Monday between 8am and 9am when the horn sounds.

The games rules are...

When the horn goes off on air between 8am and 9am, look at the car in front and add up the numbers on the plate to get your score. If the plate was GB57 BEN you would add 5 + 7 for a score of 12 points.

The only twist is that if there is an X in the plate you times the numbers, makes the maths harder but the score higher. If the plate was X356 MFM you would times 3 x 5 x 6 for a monster score of 90 points.

You can only score points from the car in front immediatley after the horn sounds on air.

Send us your scores by text, email or twitter and remember you can only play the game safely if you are not driving.

We will announce high scores on air and Team GB's decision is final!


Ben in Panto with Stevi Richie

Ben found a photo from 2006 when he starred in Panto with X Factor star Stevi Richie, Ben is the one in the dress whilst Stevi played Buttons...

Ben in Panto

Posted by Ben at 10:42am

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